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Beth Ann

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Hey Ontario, what gives? [Dec. 4th, 2008|05:35 pm]
Beth Ann
Note to self: never attend an institution of "higher learning" in Ontario. In the past few weeks, several displays of idiocy have come from them.

First, Queen's introduced "student facilitators," who will live among others in residence and attempt to make students more "socially aware." They've denied that this is some measure of thought-policing. However, it's difficult to believe them when their stated aim is to "make Queen's University students more self-conscious about using offensive language," especially when you consider how it's going to be achieved:

In an editorial in the Queen's Journal, the university's main student paper, the program was described...

"Six trained student facilitators who live in residence will intervene in dining hall and common room conversations when they hear social issues or controversial topics being discussed," it said.

Next, Carleton University decided to stop participating in the annual Shinerama campaign because Cystic Fibrosis is a white man's disease, and is not inclusive enough. When criticized, the author of the motion claimed that "continuing to support CF would reflect 'the same mentality that kept slavery legal, and prevented the women's vote.'" Predictably, there has been substantial public backlash against this decision, and they are apparently reconsidering.

The most recent display of idiocy? Lakehead University has decided that all campus clubs must have only "positive" messages. They cannot "be seen to be offensive or disparaging and they are not allowed to impose their views on anyone else." This will improve the campus, apparently:

Richard Longtin, the president of the Lakehead University Student Union, in Thunder Bay, Ont., said the new rules are designed to create a more civil atmosphere in which students respect one another.


Any student that is offended by the material of any club can bring their complaint to the student union and the issue would be reviewed.

Idiocy, thy name is Ontario universities.

From: advoir
2008-12-06 04:21 am (UTC)
Appalling. I don't know what else to say.
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